Alfapipe Tuberie de Annaba

Located at 15 km from Annaba, within the precincts of the steel Complex El Hadjar, the unit extends on an area of 186,000 m² and employs over 500 people.

The manufacturing of spiral welded pipes of high quality is our core competency. Our main aim is to satisfy the needs of our partners by providing a product with a high quality in extremely accurate delivery times.

The pipes are delivered in converted length being able to go untill 12.30 m. As required by the customer, specific lengths can be acquired.

In production since 1969, thanks to our team knowledge and an active partnership with national oil companies (Sonatrach, Sonelgaz ...) and foreign companies (Bechtel, BP ...),

ALFAPIPE Tuberie Annaba provided more than 6 000 km of pipes and remains responsive to market demands while searching new forms of association and by reinforcing its modernization process


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